XVCL version

Released on 15 May 2000


Project documentation was the main focus of this version. A tool called doc-o-matic will be used as a primary tool for documenting XVCL project. It is currently in beta and available for download from http://www.doc-o-matic.com. It is being developed by Toolsfactory, the makers of ClassExplorer Pro, which is now free for non-commercial use.

Documentation source is stored .dtx files in the Doc directory of XVCL installation. They are plain text files with topic names marked with @@. Names of dtx files correspond to the unit names, for example documentation for XContainers unit is stored in XContainers.dtx file. You can easily read the documentation source code even without downloading doc-o-matic.

Because of the beta's licensing agreement, we didn't include the help files generated by doc-o-matic with this version. You can easily build them yourself, just download doc-o-matic and use it to generate help file from XVCL.dox project file in the Doc directory.

Multicast Events

Design and implementation of multicast events has been finalized. Basic concepts and the process of using and defining new multicast events are fully documented. See XContainers unit for more details.


Design and implementation of TMethodList has been finalized. The class is now fully documented. See XContainers unit for more details.