XVCL version 0.3

Released on February 1, 2001.

Documentation and examples

Documentation and examples have been the main focus of this release. XVCL now has three more demo programs illustrating use of the library for creating HTML applications. You can find the demo programs in the Demos directory of your XVCL installation.

There is also a new article available at the web site called Component-based web development with XVCL that walks you through the sample programs. This article should be a good starting point if you would like to try using XVCL for building Web applications.

HTML support

HTML support had been significantly improved in this version. New components incapsulating the following HTML elements had been implemented.

Several classes that incapsulate HTML attributes had been introduced.

Internal changes

Debugging Memory Manager

Debugging memory manager was modified to allow compiling it directly into executable as well as using it as a shared DLL. Because of limitations of the debugger in Delphi, it is impossible to debug a shared memory manager DLL. The downside of the direct use of debugging memory manager is that you have to put GetMem.inc file from Delphi Source/Rtl/Sys directory somewhere on the search path of your projects.

Test Runner

Test runner is an important part of XVCL testing. XVCL has unit tests for testing all units, classes and global functions. Test runner is a simple form that allows running unit tests and displaying results on the screen. Unit test framework is built based on ideas of JUnit is available for you to use in your projects.